Master Hunter K – Chapter 036 is out!

Hey everybody 🙂 Here’s today’s scheduled release also the fourth and final guaranteed chapter of the week as promised.

We tried the new comments setup which allowed us to give more design and give tags to readers. Ability to give titles, but sadly it generated a lot of cached data which was causing problems with the website and so we had to revert back to the good old comment system. We will try our best to reward our donors in other ways and apologize that we weren’t able to bring the title feature yet.

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Chapter 036 – Kutan Desert (3)

Master Hunter K – Chapter 035 is out!

Hey everybody 🙂 Here is the 3rd guaranteed release of the week! 1 more to go.

Some of you must have noticed that the website had some changes today and then it was reverted back. The changes didn’t work well…and 7 hours of work was reset T^T

A few changes have been made though. Ads have been shifted to the left entirely on pc for a better reading experience and comment section have been changed a bit. Comment section is still not perfect will need some time with it.

We also now have 2 new editors in our team, Lucas and Feldy!

Here’s the chap. Enjoy!

Chapter 035 – Kutan Desert (2)

Master Hunter K – Chapter 034 is out!

Hey everybody 🙂 Here’s the second guaranteed chapter of the week^^

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Chapter 034 – Kutan Desert (1)

Master Hunter K – Chapter 033 is out!

Hey everybody! Here is this week’s 1st guaranteed chapter 🙂

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Chapter 033 – Black Market Fourth Shopping (2)

Master Hunter K – Chapter 031 is out!

Hey everybody! Here’s the fourth guaranteed release of the week!

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Also we have a bonus chapter for you today as well! 032 has also been released! Enjoy 🙂

Chapter 031 – Giant’s Canyon (9)

Master Hunter K – Chapter 030 is out!

Hey everybody! Here’s the third guaranteed chapter of the week 🙂 1 more left now.

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Chapter 030 – Giant’s Canyon (8)


Master Hunter K – Chapter 028 is out! Plus Announcement please read

Hello everybody! Here’s today’s scheduled chapter, it is also the 30th chapter! Another small milestone achieved in a long journey ahead 🙂

With this we also have some announcements to make. It is regarding our chapter release schedule, donations and Ads. So I hope you read them before clicking on the chapter link 🙂


We have decided to remove sponsored chapter queue; There will no longer be ‘sponsored chapters’.

Before, we promised to release an extra chapter each time the queue filled up. But this gave the impression that we are somehow ‘locking up’ chapters behind a paywall.

We aren’t using donations as a pay wall. And so we have decided to do away with the donation queue model, and instead  release as often as we can manage. Does this affect our release rate? It does not; Instead we are increasing our release rate.

Donations have and always been a way of helping us get by. Pay our server costs, motivate us to spend hours on translating. A donation of any amount, big or small, helps us. If you enjoy our work please consider supporting us with a donation 🙂

The shout-out column will stay. If the donor does not want to be named we will keep it as Anonymous.


Before we were releasing chapter every alternative day which resulted in 7 chapters in 2 weeks (14 days).

We have decided to bump it up to 4 scheduled chapters a week. This means 8 chapters will be released in 2 weeks time frame(14 days). So you will see an increase in the number of releases by a bit. 🙂

Also if we are able to translate more chapters in a week than the scheduled releases then we will post them ASAP. So going forward, you are guaranteed 4 chapters per week, plus more if we get around to it.

So long story short; on a weekly basis, you will see more chapters on our site based on our availability (Minimum of 4).


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Thank You for reading 🙂

Here’s the chapter! Enjoy 🙂

Chapter 028 – Giant’s Canyon (6)