Chapter 55 – Black Market Sixth Shopping (2)

Sungjin touched the star’s whirlpool design. The Operator opened up the information screen.

Paranova – Star of the Nameless
Legendary Amulet

Change the Title. Cooldown 10 minutes

For some, Name is everything
For some, Name is nothing

“How much is this?”

The man raised two fingers up.

“Twenty Thousand.”

Sungjin stared at the star for a moment. Even though the star was held in place, the whirl design seemed to spin on its own, as if Sungjin was hypnotized.


Considering that Legendary items could be bought for just ten thousand, it was an item of immense value. Even Sungjin’s most expensive item, ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, was worth 15,000 coins in component costs. But here was an item being sold for 20,000. The item effects were unbelievably useful.

‘Every 10 minutes I can change my title to use the full effects of each title… If I were to change my title according to situation…’

Sungjin kept the item in the back of his mind. Even if he were to receive a generous amount of raid rewards, it would still take two more chapters until he could gather enough coins to purchase this item. The man knew that as well.

“Well, you won’t be able to get it now but… Just know that this kind of thing exists.”

The man returned the star shaped item back into his suit. Sungjin stared at the man for a second. This man was on a completely different level compared to other vendors and merchants. Sungjin got an idea.

“Well then… Is there any way for me to be able to stay in contact with other hunters?”

The man fell silent for a moment to consider Sungjin’s words. He then replied,

“Tell me more about what it is that you want to do.”

“For example… I met someone in a previous chapter, and I have become good friends with them. I would like to be able to meet them or at least be able to send and receive messages with them.”

“Hmm… That’s difficult to accomplish. Especially in ‘this world’… You probably know this already…”

The man turned to look at the Cube behind Sungjin as if to indicate the Operator.

“Communication between hunters is strictly forbidden unless you happen to meet each other during the raid…”

“So, is it impossible?”

The man raised his pointer finger and shook his head.

“No, there’s no such thing as impossible. It’s just… in order to overcome the structure of this world, you are in need of the ‘Power of God’.

“Power of God?”

“Yes. The Power of God.”

Sungjin tilted his head at the words of the man. The merchant continued to explain.

“Well, Power of God isn’t anything as fancy as it sounds. The Power of God just refers to the holy ability to create something out of nothing. The Power of creation.”

He continued with his out of the world explanation. Then

“For example…”

He took out something from within his pocket.

“Something like this?”

It was a glass bottle. It was cut into a precise shape. There was some sort of fluid contained within.

“What is it?”

Sungjin asked. He answered

“Touch it. As you already know, touching is free in the Black Market.”

Sungjin placed his hand on the bottle.

Jasepit – Holy Water of Baptism

Active Skill
Imbue the title of ‘The Chosen One’’ to the target.

I am the grape tree. You are the branch.


Even though Sungjin had been the longest surviving human in the previous raid, this was the first time he had come across a Mythological tier item. And the active skill was shocking to say the least.

‘Forcefully change the other person’s title to The Chosen One…’

The bizarre active skill was something Sungjin couldn’t even imagine to have existed. So he touched the Glass bottle again. It looked like an ordinary glass bottle, but it gave this strange sensation that his skin was sticking to it.

“How much is this?”

To his question, the merchant gave another question rather than an answer.

“How much do you think it is?”

When Sungjin couldn’t answer, he laughed and said

“Just one.”


“2000 to Strength, 2000 to Dex, 1000 Endurance, 500 to Magic Power and rest to Mind Power. Apply.”


“And… equip title Adjudicator.”


Finally, Sungjin picked up the black spellbook in front of him.

Spellbook – Illusion
7th Class Black Magic

Create perfectly identical mimics.
The number of illusions is based on the magic power.

Soldamyr gave a tip from the side.

“It is a spell that is heavily influenced by Magic Power. Most mages would use this spell as a way to buy time to shout incantations. But you, who are proficient with the blade, should be able to utilize it offensively.”

Sungjin nodded.


The spellbook burned up in black flames. Next item to check after the spellbook was the ‘information sheet’.

“Information on Tahrakhan Plateau”

Sungjin picked up the sheet and the toast sitting next to it and walked out of the Ninety Nine Nights. He sat on the rocking chair placed in front of the door and watched the sunrise.

He held the bread in his mouth, toasted with egg on top, for over a minute without moving. Finally, Soldamyr spoke up.

“Are you… uncomfortable? Master?”

“Ah? Mmm…”

Sungjin finally bit off the first piece before responding.

“No… I was just lost in thought.”

“Then I’ll be returning to the lamp. Please call for me if you need my assistance.”

Soldamyr returned to his lamp, and only Cain remained by his side. As if understanding what Sungjin was going through, Cain sat next to him motionlessly.

Sungjin petted his head as he continued to think.

‘Darker than Black… it was even crazier than I imagined…’


Someone else’s thought interrupted Sungjin inside his own head. It was Besgoro’s voice. Sungjin asked him

“What? Did you see it too, grandpa?”

‘I am not your grandpa. I am a Knight. Call me Sir Besgoro.’

‘Geez, you’re just a ghost, why are you so uptight?’

“Okay, Sir Besgoro. Were you able to watch the whole thing?”

‘Anything you can see, I can see. Anything you can hear, I can hear.’

It was an unwelcome revelation.

‘I should keep it off of me when I don’t need it then.’

Sungjin thought to himself as he replied.

“What do you think it is? That place? That man?”

‘I’m not sure… even I, a ghost, finds him very peculiar. Actually, is he even a man? Is he even human? Or ghost? But not the same. He was closer to something like… closer to the Devil or God.”

The man was definitely a mystery, in many ways.

“Well, whether or not he is a Devil or God… he does seem to have the items I need.”

‘But why did you feel those items are necessary? I can see the argument for the star, but what about that Holy water? Where are you going to use that for?’

“… It’s for marking the people I need.”

‘People you need?’

“Yes. Strong, but also trustworthy.”

The ghost began to laugh at his words.

‘Heh ha ha ha ha ha~’

It was a ghastly laughter which echoed in Sungjin’s head. He decided to ask

“Why are you laughing?”

‘Such thing does not exist.’

Sungjin closed his mouth; he also knew what Besgoro was telling him. After all, he had experienced it first hand. Besgoro continued to speak.

‘Well… Kind people, those who are eager to help others, that’s all good and all. But power does not gather around them. It is far more likely for them to have their power taken away. He who is strong has sapped much strength from those around him.

Sungjin paused and remembered for a moment.

‘Serin Han, Igor, Mahadas.’

And then he answered

“No. That is not always the case.”

‘Of course not. There are always exceptions. But the majority will be like that. Trust me. I have roamed the battlefields for 40 years. I have met countless allies, and watched most of them die.’

Sungjin silently listened. Besgoro’s 40 years of combat experience was something he could relate to.

‘But in the end, the ones who survive are those who are strong, who became strong by ruthlessly and mercilessly taking and stealing from everyone around them. Those who monopolize every resource they can take.’

Sungjin refuted him.

“You must believe so because you only lived on the battlefield your whole life. The place I’ve come from is a little different.”

To him, Besgoro gave a short reply.

‘It’s the same anywhere.’

And with that said, Besgoro finally went silent. Sungjin shook his head briefly, trying to shake loose the negativity the ghost had been trying fill his head with.

He had a flashback. To Serin Han, Igor, Mahadas, people he met in the previous life, the final ten members.

‘Araujo, Ryushin, Nada, Umkhuba, Ilich, Hildebrandt, Shunsuke, Mustafa, and… Edward.’

Each and every one of those members were incredibly powerful people. Master among masters. In luck and in skill. Rightfully described as ‘Those Chosen by the Gods’.

Sungjin was the best swordsman of them all, but in terms of his overall strength, it wasn’t very high compared to the other nine members. The only problem with the nine masters was the pride befitting of their enormous talent.

‘I will do the next one.’

‘No, it will be me’

‘If you’re fighting over contribution level, cut it out.’

‘Shut up. Do you have any idea what happened in the last raid when he tried to solo the boss?’

In the end, they were wiped out. Truth be told, the reason why the team got wiped out was not due to lack of status points or ability; each of the members overflowed with power.

The party was wiped out due to inability to cooperate. Sungjin lowered his gaze down to the ground. He could see his two swords, ‘Blood Vengeance’ and ‘Moon Specter’. He then had a thought

‘I am probably the strongest in this timeline. After all, I’ve done a 100% clear on every raid.’

Of the nine others who were in the final parties, he had some who he could get along with, and others he could not. And of the final few, there were those who ‘let their team get wiped out’.

Sungjin stood up.

‘Star of the nameless and Holy Water of Baptism; I’ll buy them both and create a brand new final ten members of my choosing. And with these new teammates, I will see to the end of the ‘Final Raid’.

After he made up his mind, he took out something from within his jacket. It was a Ring. It was a simple ring, made of an ordinary metal.

Only, that it looked peculiar. It was made to look like two wires were twisted around as it created the bend. Sungjin lifted up the ring and inspected the status window.

Helix Ring – Ring of the Warlord
Heroic Ring

Receive 1 White Coin from those who, knowingly and of their own free will, kisses the ring.
Those who kiss the ring receive a permanent 10% loss to all future Raid coin rewards.
Can only be used once per person.

Between the two stairs, he lay and sang freely
Holding the crown, the new King has returned.

It was an item he paid 3000 Black Coins to purchase. Sungjin recalled the conversation from earlier.

‘Just… one?’

‘Yes, just one. But, it’s a different type of currency.’

He’s never heard of a white coin. At least, not from his memories of the previous life.

‘I don’t know what it does yet but…’

Sungjin made a fist and stood up.

‘I will obtain these things and rise as the new power and establish my rule over the Raids.’

Thinking of what he was going to do next, Sungjin returned to Ninety Nine Nights. The Sun gradually rose higher and higher into the morning sky behind him.

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