Chapter 42 – Kutan Desert (9)

[Monsters Slain. Giant Lizard: 40. Giant Scorpion: 20. Sandworm: 10. Total 4000 points.]
[Boss Monster Slain: Basilisk: 600 points.]
[Hidden Boss ‘Great Mage Soldamyr’: 600 points.]
[Final point count: 5200 Points. Distributing points.]

Reward calculations ended quickly this time since there was only one recipient.

[Your contribution is 100.0%. 5200 Stat points, 5200 Black Coins awarded. Raid Clear Bonus 1500 Stat points and 1500 Black Coins awarded. Item effect ‘Additional 10% gained’ activated. Distributing 6700 Stat points and 7370 Black Coins.]

An incredible amount of points and coins were awarded to Sungjin, but he didn’t feel all that happy.

[And now we will distribute the items.]
[Soldamyr – Sealed Great Magician]
[Bayram – Basilisk’s Eye]
[Al Zard – Magic Carpet]
[Recovery Potion – Medium x4]
[Spell Book – Chain Lightning]
[Spell Book – Polymorph]

The Distribution finished, and the Operator cheerfully congratulated Sungjin.

[Congratulations! You have obtained the Legendary item ‘Soldamyr – Sealed Great Magician’!]

Sungjin got down to pick up the items that fell in a heap in front of him. The first item he picked up was obviously the golden ‘Legendary’ Lamp.

The appearance of the lamp was identical to the worn out lamp he had rubbed earlier, but it was now clean without a single smudge or blemish. It almost seemed to radiate with a golden aura.

While Sungjin was lost in the golden exterior of the lavish ‘Legendary’ lamp, the Operator continued to speak.

[Last but not the least, you will be awarded titles you’ve earned on this raid.]
[Inquisition – When hit by spells cast by others, gain 10% increase in speed and damage.]
[No stacking limit]

Sungjin glanced at the Cube. It was a familiar title. Many hunters had kept this one active due to how powerful this title was.

The Operator must have awarded him the title due to being hit a few times by Soldamyr’s spells. Sungjin wanted to check the items he had received, but another object popped out of the Cube.

[Title ‘Adjudicator’ activated.]
[You obtained ‘Telkron – Jester’s Gloves’.]


Sungjin picked up the item that had just dropped. It looked like an ordinary pair of leather glove. Except for the fact that there was a strange circle drawn at the center of it.

When Sungjin peaked at Igor’s corpse, the gloves were missing from his hands. Turning his attention back to the gloves, he checked the details.

Telkron – Jester’s Gloves
Heroic Glove – Defense 12%

Active skill
Pa – Throw the weapon or shield in hand.
Haa – Thrown weapons return to the hand it was thrown from.
The weapon’s flying speed scales off of the total weapon damage dealt. Cooldown 20 seconds.

The Previous owner, who had been relying on the gloves rather than his own skill, was chased out of the circus when he had lost it.

‘As I thought… this glove was the cause.’

The defense rating was fairly low; it was mainly an offensive type item. Sungjin had no gloves, so he immediately equipped it.


The leather gloves covered his hands, and they felt good. Sungjin lifted up the ‘Moon Specter’ and said


Despite not having thrown the weapon, the ‘Moon Specter’ flew out of his hands at great speeds. Once it reached a certain distance, Sungjin said


The Moon Specter spun rapidly in midair for a second before turning around and eventually returning to his hands.

‘Hmm… It’s nice…’

Igor had used this item with very high proficiency. All Sungjin had to do now was practice and get better at using it. Doing so would significantly improve the range of actions he could take with his weapons.

‘I’ll need to practice it as soon as I can.’

Making a mental note to himself, Sungjin returned the Moon Specter to its sheath. The next item he wanted to inspect was the ‘Legendary’ Lamp. Sungjin lifted it up for inspection.

Soldamyr – Sealed Great Magician
Legendary Summon

Active Skill
Spiritual Link (Soldamyr) – Loyal Familiar, Summon Soldamyr.
If Summon is killed, or if 10 minutes pass from the time of summoning, it disappears.

Soldamyr, once strongest Magician to have ever lived in Kutan,
sealed himself into the lamp in exchange for eternal life.

Sungjin rubbed the lamp. The bluish cloud billowed out of the lamp and formed the shape of a man. It was large but far smaller than earlier.

It was only about twice the height of a normal adult male. Once the form stabilized, it began to speak.

“Greetings. I am Soldamyr, and I humbly apologize for my earlier behavior. Since you have overcome my test, I formally acknowledge you as my new master.”

They had only just finished crossing blades, and yet the Genie was very polite.

“Nice to meet you. So, how will you help me? If you don’t mind me asking”

Murderous thunder, Jump from foe to foe! Chain Lightning!’

He shouted out a magic incantation. Then, he explained himself.

“If you summon me, I shall cast appropriate magic on your behalf. Of course, within the limit of my Mana supply.”

“Cast magic… on my behalf?”

“Yes. Of Blue, Red, Green, White and Black Magic types, I can cast any spell within Blue, Red and Black magic type under the seventh circle.”

Sungjin tilted his head. He knew that Kutan referred to the desert, but he didn’t know the history of the land very well.

“So the strongest mage to have ever lived in Kutan… can only cast three of the five schools of magic, and can only cast up to the seventh circle? And you also have mana restrictions?”

“Ah… I had voluntarily sealed myself in the lamp. Thanks to the extension of my life, I was able to spend an eternity studying and researching various forms of magic… But in return, my abilities have greatly diminished. I hope you can understand.”

While Sungjin was feeling deeply disappointed, Soldamyr crossed his arms and reflected over his past.

“Before I was sealed, I was often compared to two legendary magicians who came before me… the great Dark Flame Mage,”

Using his finger and with the help of magic, he created an illusion of two men. Sungjin didn’t know who they were, but Soldamyr continued with his explanations.

“And the only magician to have attained perfection, the Blue Sky Mage. I have been judged to be the closest one to crack the last inner circle since the ‘Blue Sky Mage’. If I had not sealed myself, I might have been able to obtain the tenth circle, the ‘Circle of Perfection’.”

He kept spouting nonsense. The Genie seemed to be starved for conversation after being imprisoned in the lamp for so long.

“Ok… got it. Well, see you next time then.”

“Understood. If you have any question about magic, please don’t forget to consult me. I may have less magic power and mana compared to before, but my knowledge has grown by leaps and bounds.”

“… Sure. Unsummon.”

Instantly the Genie turned into a puff of smoke and got sucked into the lamp. Since he could cast spells on Sungjin’s behalf, he could prove to be useful. The next item to inspect was a necklace with a yellow eye as an ornament.

Bayram – Basilisk’s Eye
Heroic Necklace

Active Skill
Snake Eye(III) – Paralyze enemies for 3 seconds. Cooldown 10 minutes.

Giant Lizard Basilisk’s eye.
He who gazes into this eye momentarily experiences nightmares.

Sungjin recalled the moment when he had looked into the real Basilisk’s eye. He was able to free himself using ‘Free Ark’, but he did get paralyzed for a moment.

He understood its effects after experiencing it for himself, and so now all he had to do was find the right time to use it. The last item he received was a carpet all rolled up.

Al Zard – Magic Carpet

Active Skill
Flight(III) – Can fly for 20 minutes. Cooldown 1 hour.

Far far away in the middle of the desert, a wondrous place
A place where anyone would want to go at least once.

‘That explanation seems familiar for some reason…’

Sungjin spread open the Carpet and took a look at it. It was a little small. It was just large enough to accommodate two adults sitting on top of it.

Sungjin sat upon it and tested the carpet.


The Carpet began to float up away from the ground. Sungjin sat for a moment pondering

‘…how do I drive this?’

He looked over to the large Palm Tree at the Oasis.

‘I want to go over there…’

The Carpet flew up rapidly and brought him over to the Palm tree.


Sungjin had been planning on buying ‘Flight’ after this chapter and memorizing the spell, but with this carpet, it wasn’t immediately necessary.

It also didn’t cost any mana or anything; there were no demerits to using it to get around. Sungjin flew higher riding the magic carpet. He heard the Operator speak from the cube following him from behind.

[You will return to the Hunter’s Hall in 10 seconds. 10, 9, 8]

Sungjin continued to fly around the Kutan desert while ignoring her. She continued her countdown.

[3, 2, 1, 0]

Her countdown completed, and Sungjin disappeared from midair.


“Haa… Haa..”

The black cop Baltren looked around. He could see nothing but the desert as far as his eyes could see.

‘Did I lose them?’

He was running in the desert, sweating like a fountain. He wiped his sweat off his face as he whispered.


It had looked like this chapter was going to end safely. Everyone had worked together and coordinated in killing the Basilisk; Everything was going smoothly.

Although one of the hunters died during the hunt after, the raid had gone well overall. But the problem arose when someone decided to ask

“What is my Contribution?”

It turned out that the person on the team with the highest contribution was Baltren.

Baltren had thought that it was due to the fact that he had effectively tanked for the team and protected the others. But, one of the hunters expressed displeasure.

‘Why am I getting so little?’

And so the teammates started ‘blaming others’ and ‘arguing’. Before anything could be done, they began drawing blood, fighting each other.

And they even attacked Baltren who was standing by the side. The reason?

‘Because he had the most’

If he had not used the item from the last raid ‘Manmu – Pach’s Club’ to make the other hunters feint, he would have been forced to fight for his life.

‘Troll… how did this happen…’

He was a cop, but there was no law to defend here. He kept his watchful eye on the surroundings. Eventually, the Operator gave an announcement.

[You will return to the Hunter’s Hall in 10 Seconds]

He took a deep sigh of relief. He had never been so happy to hear the announcement.
Finally, being chased by people who were even worse than monsters was over.

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