Chapter 32 – Black Market Fourth Shopping

Even as he was teleported to the Black Market, Sungjin had tried to say words of farewell. But he missed the chance.

‘We will probably never see each other again…’

But that was also too heartbreaking to say. It was a mistake allowing himself to let her under his skin; While cooperating and working together, he had ever so slightly opened his heart to her.

Sungjin looked around. He located the teashop ‘First Drop’ and walked over to inspect his reward.

Once Sungjin sat in the same seat as last time, the Panda man welcomed him.

“What should I get you today?”

“Iced tea… and something to snack on.”

“Understood, coming right up.”

Once the shopkeeper left, Sungjin took out the ‘Kamram – Ring of the Siamese Twins’ for inspection. One ring with two gems; it was a strange looking ring.

‘Just what does it do…?’

Without having to ask, the Operator opened up the detailed screen for him.

Kamram – Ring of the Siamese Twins
Legendary Ring

Passive Skill
Dual Weapon Mastery (V)
Copies 100% of the proficiency of the dominant hand over to the other hand.

One will, two talents
The pinnacle of Martial Prowess

Sungjin was stunned. While he was reeling from shock, Xiu Ran set down iced tea and rice cake in front of him.

After a while, Sungjin grasped the cold tea cup. Once he downed the entire content of chilled tea, he had recovered enough to process what he had just received.

‘Does this mean…?’

Sungjin decided to test out the effects of ‘Kamram’ immediately.


The ring readjusted its size and settled itself over Sungjin’s right ring finger. It was a strange sensation; Sungjin felt slightly disoriented for a moment, but also somehow more sensitive than before.

His eyes refocused, and his hands trembled. He wanted to test it out right away. But, now that he thought of it, he didn’t have a second Katana.

‘I shouldn’t have sold the Basic Katana…’

If he had kept it, it would have been a perfect for practice. But he already sold it for mere ten coins.

‘What should I do?’

Then, he remembered he actually had another weapon. The ‘Manta – Cho’Roch’s Staff’

Sungjin took one rice cake and chewed on it as he put his hand on top of the cube.

“Operator, give me the Manta.”

The lid on the cube opened up, and an extremely long metallic staff emerged from within.

It was a staff in name only; it looked more like a rebar. Sungjin inspected the rod-like staff.

Manta – Cho’Roch’s Staff
Heroic Staff – Strength B Dexterity D Magic Power C

Passive Skill
Red Magician (II)
Improves the effects of offensive magic by 20%

Magic Swordsman (I)
Each magic cast improves weapon damage by 10%
Each attack by weapon improves magic damage by 10%
Max 3 stacks

Staff of the Powerful Mage, Cho’Roch.
Became a mage due to losing the bet on a coin flip against his younger brother.

It was better than expected. The bonus weapon damage and the 20% increase in spell effect was already good, but the ‘Magic Swordsman’ passive was really great.

Even more so as Sungjin had already decided to try the Magic Swordsman route. Taking the staff in hand, Sungjin briefly left the shop. And using the left hand, he tried swinging the staff around.

He was able to wield it perfectly well. Then, taking out the ‘Moon Specter’, he tried to swing the sword around. It felt as natural as if he was using his right hand.

‘…Have I become ambidextrous now?’

While he was thinking so,

“Whoa, Whoa Mr Hunter”

Sungjin heard someone speak to him from behind. When he turned around to see, it was a half dog demi-human. The demi-human approached him and said

“Please do not wave your weapon around in public.”

The clothes the demihuman wore was reminiscent of a police outfit. The security in this place was rather tight. Sungjin nodded and replied

“Ah, I was just experimenting, testing things out. I wasn’t trying to harm anyone.”

“Ok, understood.”

Sungjin returned to the shop and took his seat. From the earlier test, he was certain;

‘I can wield ‘Moon Specter’ and ‘Blood Vengeance’ at the same time.’

Upon thinking that, Sungjin couldn’t help but get hyped. But there was still a roadblock to this.

“Operator, how many coins do I have?”

[You have 10180 Black Coins]

‘Stories of the East – Part 3’ would take 5000 Coins, and Blood Vengeance was 9700 Coins; with the current amount of coins, he would have to pick one or the other.

‘By the time the next raid is over…’

Sungjin resumed to the same dilemma he was in during his last visit to the Black Market.

‘Do I complete the book, or buy the Blood Vengeance?’

But unlike last time, it only took 3 seconds to make a decision.

‘I’ll make the book. With it, I won’t have to exert myself much during combat.’

Buying Blood Vengeance after practicing with Manta was probably a good idea anyway. Kenneth’s ‘Last Edge’ wasn’t going anywhere. He could get the sword at any time.

Once Sungjin was done gathering his thoughts, he finished off the rest of the tea and the rice cakes and stood up. He immediately headed out to Gourmet’s bookstore.

“Ho, young Master Hunter, so did you prepare the coins?”

Sungjin confidently nodded.

“5 thousand black coins. Please give me the last volume of ‘Stories of the East’.”

Gourmet looked up at Sungjin and asked

“Hmm? What about Part 2?”

“I obtained the 2nd part. In the raid.”

Gourmet formed an ‘o’ with his mouth in surprise.

“Ohh, what a lucky young man!”

“Things worked out somehow.”

“Ok, just a moment then”

Gourmet turned around. Sungjin thought Gourmet would enter a mountain full of books again, but Gourmet soon turned around to present him the book; It seemed that he had prepared it for Sungjin’s return.

“Operator, after payment, please take out ‘Stories from the East’ Part 1 and 2 from the inventory.”


As requested, the Cube completed the transaction and gave him the other two parts of the book.

Sungjin held the three parts of the book in order with both his hands and raised them above his head.


With his shout, the three components floated into the air, and let out bright illuminations.


The goat Merchant Gourmet watched the light show from over his spectacles.


“Hey, another Donut please.”


The black police officer Baltren was sitting in the Donut shop, inspecting the club he had received from the previous raid.

Manmu – Pach’s Club
Heroic blunt – Strength S Dexterity C

Passive Skill
Stun (II)
Each strike against the same enemy increases the chance to stun it by 20%.
Max 3 Stacks.

Powerful Warrior Pach’s club.
Winning a coin flip against his older brother, Pach decided to become a warrior.


He was in a dilemma. There was a weakness in this club compared to the club he had received in chapter 1, the ‘Skull Romabel’.

‘Skull Romabel is great for defense… and this one is ideal for offense. What should I do? Should I carry both and switch them according to the situation…?’

But he was interrupted by a strange noise coming from the Cube.

[Attention Please]

It was the first time he had heard this from the cube. Baltren put down his club to look at the cube.



Hiro looked up at the sky still holding his Katana.

“Where could he have been? That Hidden boss…”

He was lucky last round, all four of his teammates were excellent. Using great teamwork, they were able to successfully hunt ‘Pach and Cho’Roch’ safely without losing anyone. They even had 15 minutes left.

“It was perfect… Just where was he?”

They had combed the entire Canyon but had failed to find the boss. Hiro briefly recalled his sensei.

“Sensei… He managed it last time, so he probably did it this time too…right?”

“Ramen’s ready!”

Meanwhile, his ramen was done. Hiro first picked up the bowl and drank the soup.


It was hot and well seasoned. It was great that he was able to find this Ramen shop in the market. Hiro took a long strand of Ramen and took his first bite.

But, the Cube let out a sound he had never heard before.

[Attention please]


Hiro cut the noodle short and stared at the Cube.


“Aww, why? Why does a pretty girl like you want to hide your face behind a mask?”

Serin smiled slightly and answered.

“Well… I think I’ll need it… for the raid…”

“Ahh well. Yeah, I know too… ‘Consequence of exceptional beauty’…! What a horrible thing! But…! Since our life is so short anyway, isn’t it better to live our short lives looking beautiful? Don’t you think so?”

The Racoon Mask Merchant was an overly talkative old lady. Serin replied

“So… anything you’d recommend? How much of my appearance can you change?”

“Appearance? All of it. Age, gender, race…”

It can even change gender. How convenient.

“Ah… ok.”

“The only thing you can’t alter is things which affect combat. For example, longer arms… The mask shop is forbidden from selling things related to combat.”

“So, is there anything you’d recommend?”

“Try this on.”

The Racoon merchant handed Serin a mask. She was about to put the mask on when she was interrupted by the Cube.

[Attention Please]

“You’ll see if you put it on, how…”

Serin stopped the merchant.

“Wait, please.”

The merchant immediately shut her mouth. The Cube continued with the announcement.

[‘Master Hunter’ has succeeded in completing the legendary ancient omnibus ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’]
[All other copies will be destroyed, and the owners will be refunded by 500 coins.]


Hunters, all in their own instance of the Market, heard the announcement. Most did not know of this ‘Master Hunter’, but a few were able to guess who it referred to. Baltren thought to himself,

‘That teenager…’

Hiro shouted towards the sky.

“Wow! Sensei did it!”

Serin, still holding the mask, thought of the man she was with until moments ago.

“Master Hunter… Kei”

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