Chapter 31 – Giant’s Canyon (9)

Sungjin gazed up at the Ratman hanging from the ceiling.

‘Another Demi-Human? Are all the Vendors like that…?’

Even ‘Wandering Merchant Aindell’ was a Demihuman. Half human, half Wolf. Sungjin approached the Ratman. The Ratman shouted at him from his tied up position.

“Hey, Human! Help me! If you give me a hand, I’ll make it worth your while!”

Serin entered the cave from behind.

“Wow… I didn’t know there was such a place here.”

The Ratman also yelled at Serin.

“Hey, Human girl! Help me!”

“What’s up with him?”

Before Sungjin had a chance to reply to her question, the Ratman interrupted by shouting

“I said help!”

Sungjin used his fingers to plug up his ears.

“I got it, I got it. Please stop. Stop it.”

He looked over to Serin.

“Serin, please shoot him down. I’ll catch him.”


She immediately let loose an arrow.


The rope which held him was cut with a snap and Sungjin easily caught the falling Ratman.


For one reason or another, the stench on the Ratman was terrible. Sungjin immediately threw the Ratman away.

‘The Giants really planned to eat this thing…?’

The Ratman finally got to his feet and took a breather.

“Haa… I thought I was going to die. You have my thanks, Humans!”

The Ratman smiled at them, exposing his yellow teeth. Sungjin felt no desire to become friendly with him; Skipping all the small talk he asked,

“So, how are you going to make it worth our while?”

The Ratman made a curious smile and replied,

“Ah, that… I can’t do it now. Later on…”

Sungjin raised his eyebrows.


The Ratman didn’t catch on to the mood and continued while shaking his head

“I said I will make it worthwhile; I never said it was going to be right…”


Sungjin pulled out ‘Moon Specter’ and brought it up to the Ratman’s neck.

“So, you’re going to go back on your word, is it?”

Once he saw the naked blade pressed against his neck, his demeanor changed instantly.

“No, I mean… listen… “

Sungjin waited patiently for him to continue. He was the ‘Hidden Vendor’ after all; he must have something special with him.

“My treasure… I had hidden it before I was caught. I have to go find it first.”

Sungjin replied to him frankly.

“Tell me where it is then, and I will go find it myself.”

“The Treasure is hidden beyond the ‘Boundary’. You know that right? You’ll die if you leave the boundary for more than 10 seconds! Bada Boom!”

Sungjin considered his words. The Merchant’s words had no credibility, but there was no way to disprove him either.

There were sometimes merchants who valued their goods over their own lives; ones that would never spill a secret no matter the cost.

‘What should I do…?’

Sungjin continued to hold the ‘Moon Specter’ against his head and thought of his options. It was then the Ratman changed his mind.

“Instead… Instead, let me… Let me give you something I do have on me.”

Sungjin used the sword to raise the Ratman’s chin and asked

“What is it exactly?”

If it was something ordinary, he planned to reject it. But he didn’t expect ‘Ruff Han’ to say the following.

“Wandering Merchant’s Mystery Pouch”


Sungjin was shocked. It was the same item that gave Sungjin ‘Ancient Stories of the East – Part 1’.

Ratman ‘Ruff Han’ took out a pouch from his vest and handed it to Sungjin.

“Here, Take it! And let me go! I don’t want to lose another second until I go searching for my stash!”

Sungjin quickly took the pouch and asked the Operator.

“Operator, explanation, quick”

The Operator quickly brought up the information screen at his request.

Mystery Pouch – Wandering Merchant’s secret stash
Heroic Treasure

Unique Skill – Roulette (IV)

Roulette (IV) – receive one ‘Legendary’ class crafting material.
Pouch Disappears after use.

It’s definitely the same item as before.

‘This…is totally acceptable.’

Sungjin returned the ‘Moon Specter’ to its sheath. Now free from the threat of violence, the Ratman reached into his pocket and took out another pouch and tossed it over to Serin as well.

“Thank you very much as well, pretty lady!”

He threw her a wink. Sungjin couldn’t see her face, but he couldn’t imagine her looking very happy.

“I have settled my debt with this, Humans!”

The Ratman fell on all fours and dashed away towards an exit on the other side of the cave; an exit too small for a human being to fit through.

“And I’m not a liar! I’ll see you again in a future Raid! If you’re able, that is!”

‘If you’re able…’ probably meant ‘you’ll most likely die and so we might not see each other’… It wasn’t exactly a positive farewell.

Once the Hidden Merchant Ruff Han left, Sungjin took a look at the pouch.

‘If ‘Ancient Stories of the East’ Part 2 or 3 comes out of here…’


Serin was staring at the screen for the pouch as well. It was most likely her first time seeing this type of item.

“This is an extremely good item; It gives a Legendary Crafting material.”


“Well, there’s no point hoarding it for later… so I’ll go first.”

“Please go ahead.”

Sungjin breathed in deeply to prepare himself and then shouted


The ribbon tying up the pouch released automatically and the content revealed itself; Although he had no creed, he still prayed.


The appearance of the treasure was

‘A Book!’

Sungjin quickly picked it up to check the screen. Now as long as it was not Part 1, he was golden. However

Ancient Stories of the Middle East – Part 2
Legendary Crafting Material

Omnibus of ancient stories of the Middle East.
Once parts 1, 2 and 3 are gathered, it can be made into a complete volume.

‘Middle East?!’

It was an entirely wrong line of books. With the component cost of 5000 coins per book, an item you could only equip one at a time, there was no reason or need to craft multiple books of this kind.


Sungjin massaged his forehead wallowing in regret. But then,


Serin also used her Roulette. Once the pouch unveiled itself, the item that appeared was

‘Another book!’

Serin lifted up her item.

“Operator… What is this item?”

The Operator opened up an information screen for her. And on it displayed the item Sungjin had been wanting; ‘Ancient Stories of the East – Part 2’. Sungjin forgot himself and immediately grabbed her arm.


Serin jumped up slightly in surprise; She had never seen Kei react to anything before like that.

“Why? Is it a good thing?”

Sungjin held onto her hands and said

“Miss Serin, Please, let’s trade these two books.”

“Excuse me?”

Serin’s cheeks turned slightly rosy.

‘Oh, right…’

Noticing the change in her behavior, Sungjin continued after letting go of her hands.

“This book is one of the materials required to complete a single item; An ancient Omnibus. This Omnibus grants enormous power.”

Serin understood quickly.

“Yes, and?”

“And so… I already have ‘Ancient Stories of the East – Part 1’. So… I need the Part 2 of the same series.”

Serin nodded.

“…Okay then. I’ll just give you this, as thanks for protecting me this Raid.”

“Ah, wait, that’s…”

Sungjin hesitated. But within moments, he made up his mind; Only one person could own a single book at a time.

Of course, if he accepted the book now and sold it on the Black market later, he could get 500 Coins, but it was far too inefficient to do so.

Trade was the right course of action. Especially if she had the potential to become one of the Final Five ‘last companions to the end’. So Sungjin told her

“No. We should trade these; My ‘Ancient Stories of the Middle East – Part 2’ to your ‘Ancient Stories of the East – Part 2’. I suggest that you collect all three parts to the ‘Ancient Stories of the Middle East’ and craft the complete book. If you manage to do so, it should be enough to keep you alive for at least several chapters.”

The Operator gave an announcement.

[Returning to the Black Market in 10 Minutes]

Time was running out. Serin nodded.

“I understand Kei.”

Sungjin and Serin put their Cubes together to trade. Once it was done, Sungjin had finally obtained Part 2 of the book he wanted.

‘Now all I have to do is buy the final part from the bookstore.’

While Sungjin was thinking so, Serin took a look at her new item.

“Ancient stores…”

Sungjin decided to ask

“Miss Serin, how many Black Coins do you have right now?”

“Black Coins? Including what I just got from this raid, around 5000.”

She didn’t spend too much; With the exception of her bow, she probably didn’t spend her coins elsewhere. Sungjin told her

“When you go back to the Black Market this time, please go to ‘Gourmet’s Bookstore’. Ask about the book… and if you are able, make the complete item.”

Serin nodded. Sungjin continued,

“And… I don’t know the name, but please visit the mask shop run by a Raccoon Merchant. Okay?”


Once Sungjin was done, he placed the book ‘materials’ into the Cube. Not too long after, the Operator announced

[You will return to the Black Market in 1 minute.]

Serin, who kept quiet until now asked Sungjin

“Kei… Will we be able to see each other again?”

Sungjin answered

“Raids are designed in such a way that survivors will meet each other again. And as you can tell, I am very strong. I will survive until the very end. So… If you can keep yourself safe and survive chapter to chapter, we will eventually be able to see each other again. I promise.”

At his words, Serin nodded bravely.

“Um… Before we go our separate ways… Can you please tell me your real name?”

Sungjin hesitated.

[You will return to the Black Market in 10 seconds. 10]

Once the Operator’s countdown began, Sungjin told her

“If we meet each other again, I promise I will tell you my real name.”

[9, 8, 7]

Serin nodded helplessly.

“…Ok, it’s a promise.”

[6, 5, 4]

Sungjin couldn’t help but tell her one more time out of his concern for her.

“Mask shop, bookstore. You got it, right?”

Serin nodded. She was intelligent. She would not forget.

[3, 2. 1]

In the last moments, she bid him goodbye.

“Let’s meet again, Kei.”

Sungjin wanted to reply to her. But


The countdown finished, and the hunters were teleported away from the Canyon.

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