Chapter 5 – Greenskin Wildlands (5)

Sungjin gripped his katana tightly. The Orc charged straight towards him as if it saw food for the first time after a long period of starvation.

Sungjin stabbed hard and fast towards the charging Orc’s neck and heart.

‘Stab stab’

Sungjin’s blade found their mark. Except, the red Orc did not respond at all. Despite aiming for vital points, there was no response from the Orc.

Orc continued his charge and swung his arms. Sungjin was forced to jump back, and the arms missed their mark.

But, just as Sungjin was going to counter attack, he saw that the chains attached to the arms were flying towards him with slight delay. Sungjin ducked in haste.


Sungjin felt something metallic sail through the air above his head. When he looked up, he saw the Orc swinging his arms once again. The problem wasn’t just his hands.

Each time he swung his arms, the chains attached to his arms also flew towards him like whips. Sungjin was forced to look at the chains and predict their path.

He backed away and concentrated on defense..

“How annoying.”

The main boss traded speed for great power, whereas this boss had tremendous speed and reach.

It was the worst possible enemy for Sungjin, who had committed all points to Dexterity.

Because he put no points in Endurance, getting hit once or twice by the chains meant that it was game over.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

As Sungjin retreated backwards while dodging and parrying, the other three men were busy escaping at full speed to avoid interrupting Sungjin’s fight. To be fair, Main boss nor the Secret boss was meant to be taken on alone.

But the others were absolutely of no help at all. Even as Sungjin slowly backed off and dodged the chains, he kept an eye out for mistakes. Once his arm became vulnerable, Sungjin took the opportunity and stabbed it three times.


But as if taking no damage, the Orc continued to swing away. His nickname “mad” was probably due to his rapid and wild swinging of arms and chains. Sungjin concluded his rapid attack, and immediately switched back to defense.

‘Something like this guy isn’t common even later on…’

Even though his every stat point was on Dexterity, the boss moved and attacked at a comparable speed.

‘First, I’ve got to do something about those arms…”

Once he established his plan of attack, he waited for a chance. He ducked from an incoming attack and then kicked the Orc’s shins.


With the sound, the Orc fell over. But despite being downed, he didn’t let up the attack. He kept on swinging the chains from the ground.

Sungjin had to jump up to avoid chains coming at his feet. The chains rapidly passed by him. Once, twice, Sungjin leaped up into the air, as if playing high-risk jump rope. He embedded his scabbard into the ground between jumps.

When he jumped up, the chains from the Orc wrapped around it.

‘Did it work?’

But after just a brief pause, the scabbard was pulled away by the force of the chains and it flew away.

‘I need something heavier.’

Meanwhile, the mad Orc stood up.


The Orc began attacking with his arms and chains even faster than before. Sungjin had no opportunity to counter attack and had to focus entirely on defense as he slowly backed off.

‘…Any way to stop his attacks…?’

Sungjin took a look around his surroundings, but he only saw the three men trying to escape from collateral damage.

Then Sungjin noticed the Policeman’s weapon. It was a club made of metallic material. While dodging chains with inhuman speed, he yelled at the policeman.

“Hey, Officer! Throw me your club!”

Baltren, who was watching from a distance, panicked when his name was mentioned. Sungjin yelled louder in frustration while dodging the Orc’s attacks.

“Damn it! The club!”

Baltren hesitated for a moment because the red Orc’s chains were destroying everything within 4~5 meters range. But once he made up his mind, he approached the two combatants


After yelling loudly, Baltren threw his club towards Sungjin. Sungjin dodged the chains acrobatically by jumping backward and caught the club with his free left hand.

Holding Katana on the right and the club on the left, Sungjin bid his time until he could kick over the Orc again. Once the Orc was tripped, he flailed wildly from the ground again.

Sungjin planted the club deep into the ground and leaped up to dodge the chains, and landed on it, like some sort of martial artist from Murim. (see note)

When the chains came flying, it hit the Club and wrapped itself around it.


It spun around few times and then became stuck on the club. For the first time since combat started, his arms were immobilized. Sungjin easily cut off his arm.


Even while screaming in pain, the Orc continued to swing his chains about wildly. But he could not land a hit on Sungjin with two chains; dodging just one was a piece of cake. Sungjin dodged the chains with ease and cut off the other arm as well.


The Red Orc could no longer stand nor attack due to his loss of arms. Sungjin strolled up to the Orc.

“Be at peace.”

After bidding goodbye, Sungjin beheaded the Orc. Moments later, the Operator announced his victory.

[Hidden boss ‘Mad Orc Ruark’ Cleared.]
[Congratulations! You have managed to complete all objectives in this chapter!]
[Disregarding the remaining time and ending the raid immediately.]


Sungjin let out a long sigh. He finally found the secret location and hunted every monster.

It was Sungjin’s first time fighting a hidden boss. First time around, the top priority for each raid was merely survival.

After a breather, Sungjin sheathed his sword back in the scabbard. He picked the club out of the ground and tossed it back to the Officer.

Once the Officer caught the club, all the cubes spoke out in unison in the Operator’s voice.

[Calculating Rewards Earned.]
[Monsters Slain. Goblins: 100. HobGoblins: 30. Orc 20. Troll: 10. Total 390 points.]
[Boss Monster Slain: Orc Chief cunning Kamul: 50 points.]
[Hidden Boss Mad Orc Ruark: 50 points.]
[Final point count: 490. Distributing points.]

Now each cube spoke individually, starting with the Asian man first.

[Your contribution is 0.7%. 3 Stat points, 3 Black Coins awarded. Raid Clear Bonus 50 Stat points and 50 Black Coins awarded. Distributing 53 Stat points and 53 Black Coins.]


Asian man frowned and looked around, as if not believing what he’s hearing. Next up was the White man.

[Your contribution is 1.2%. 5 Stat points, 5 Black Coins awarded. Raid Clear Bonus 50 Stat points and 50 Black Coins awarded. Distributing 55 Stat points and 55 Black Coins.]

And then the Black Police Officer.

[Your contribution is 5.2%. 25 Stat points, 25 Black Coins awarded. Raid Clear Bonus 50 Stat points and 50 Black Coins awarded. Distributing 75 Stat points and 75 Black Coins.]

Finally Sungjin’s turn.

[Your contribution is 92.9%. 455 Stat points, 455 Black Coins awarded. Raid Clear Bonus 50 Stat points and 50 Black Coins awarded. Distributing 505 Stat points and 505 Black Coins.]


The three men stare at Sungjin in envy and respect. But Sungjin ignored their response and calculated in his head.

‘19 Coins from before and now… 524? With this, I can get…’

[And now we will distribute items.]

Once again, it began with the Asian man.

[Recovery Potion – Small x1]

A small potion bottle appeared in front of the Asian man, and he obediently picked it up from the ground, but he looked unhappily at it.

“This is it?”

White man’s turn.

[Recovery Potion – Small x2]
[Orc’s worn cloak]

He received his items with both hands but likewise looked fairly unhappily at them. Next was Baltren.

[Steel Shield]
[Troll’s Blood x1]

A large shield dropped by the Police Officer’s feet. He quickly picked it up. Because he was wearing a bulletproof vest, it looked just as if he was carrying a riot shield. Sungjin’s turn was last.

[Yanhurat – Mad god’s voice]
[Free Ark – Freeman’s shackles]
[Skull Romabel – Skull Crusher]
[Troll’s Blood x4]
[Recovery Potion – Small x5]

A bunch of items dropped in front of him, and Sungjin bent over to pick them up. The Asian man spoke to himself.

“Wow, what a contribution hog. How selfish”

It was just a complain expressed under his breath, but Sungjin heard all of it. He frowned in annoyance.

“You. If it weren’t for me, all of you would have died here. Either by monsters or by running out of time. Understood?”

The Asian man didn’t know when to give up and kept on complaining.

“… you don’t know that.”

That moment and that phrase, it finally pushed Sungjin over the edge. He had enough. Sungjin drew his katana and approached the man.

“Listen well. I will teach you about a hidden characteristic of the raid you don’t know about”

“What… what?”

Asian man backed up in surprise, but Sungjin swung his Katana few times at him.

‘Slash Slash Slash’

Following the sound of the blade cutting through the air, the Asian man’s shirt and pants were reduced to rags.

Once the Asian man realized what was going on, he grew pale and fell over. Sungjin got right into his face and spoke vehemently.

‘In raids, there is no rule forbidding a hunter from hunting another hunter. Understood?”

When the Asian man heard, he nodded vigorously. Sungjin stood up, still holding his Katana out. “Raids” were like this after all.

As one kills and murders, one’s notion of ethics and morality fades. Sungjin was no exception.

Sungjin had long forgotten ordinary ethics and morality after participating in raid after raid in his previous life.

Wielding his katana to take the man’s life posed no qualms to Sungjin, but he put away his blade.

With his nonexistent reward from this raid, he will die in the next one. No, he’ll probably die before the next raid even begins.

Once Sungjin put away his sword, the Operator resumed with the last briefing.

[Last but not the least, you will be awarded with titles you’ve earned on this raid.]

(Translator’s notes)

This is korean version of cultivation/kung fu genre. Basically he’s standing on the club like shown in chinese movies.

Edit : Numbers have been fixed by the author


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