Chapter 1 – Greenskin Wildlands (1)

A palisade could be seen in the distance, pierced all over with unnecessary spikes and nails. The tips were also filed to a point.

The meat of an unknown animal was hung over a bonfire to cook, and various sizes of skulls were placed on top of the spears to decorate the area.

The place Sungjin arrived to reeked of barbarity. And so he thought to himself,

‘The Chapter order is the same.’

Shortly after arriving, a cube appeared and followed him. The Operator’s voice could be heard from the cube.

[Welcome to Greenskin Wildlands;]
[Home of savage creatures who gathered together to form a tribe.]
[This is the hunter’s first real challenge]
[and it is also an excellent opportunity for the hunter to experiment with how to grow stronger.]
[The first four Phases are combat tutorials designed to get you prepared.]
[However, do not lower your guard.]
[Like in real combat situation, if you take fatal damage,]
[or if the enemy is not annihilated within the time limit, the hunter will be killed.]

A billboard appeared with the enemy’s information on it.

Phase 1 – Goblin
Time Limit: 3 Minutes

[Annihilate the enemy. If you cannot, you will die.]


A Goblin’s cries could be heard from somewhere in the Wildlands. Sungjin drew out his katana while the Operator continued to explain through the cube.

[Goblins are small creatures.]
[Typically reaching only the height of an adult’s knee, or in exceptional cases, to the hips.]
[The weight of the monster is only about a fourth of an average adult, so it is not a physically powerful creature.]
[The short height causes their point of attack to be lower, and their temperament…]

The Operator’s voice stopped there since all the Goblins were already decapitated.

[All Monsters Eliminated. Closing the Chapter.]

Following the announcement, the hologram reappeared.

Completion Reward: Stat Point 1
Kill Reward: Black Coin 1

[Use the reward you earned to strengthen yourself. With only the strength of a human…]


Sungjin cut off the operator and spoke over her.

“Add the Stat point to Dexterity.”

[Dexterity rose by 1 point.]

Despite Sungjin’s rude interruption, the Operator continued her explanation.

[The Black Coins can be used…]

Once again Sungjin cut her off.

“I’m not buying.”

And then once again, a billboard with the monster’s information appeared in front of him.

Phase 2 – HobGoblin
Time limit: 3 minutes

[HobGoblins are stronger versions of go…]

Sungjin did not wait for her explanation before rushing in to behead the HobGoblins. The Operator seemed to take notice of Sungjin’s competency, and so she quickly allowed him to proceed.

[All Monsters Eliminated. Closing the Chapter.]

Completion Reward: Stat Point 3
Kill Reward: Black Coin 3

Sungjin spoke to the cube.

“All Stat points to Dexterity. And I’m not buying anything.”

[Dexterity rose by 3 points.]

Operator skipped all the explanations and proceeded to the next phase.

Phase 3 – Orc
Time Limit: 3 Minutes

This time, Sungjin didn’t rush out of the entry way. The Operator gave an explanation from behind.

[Orcs are powerful creatures.]
[They are as large or larger than an average adult male human.]
[They also wield barbaric weapons such as clubs, glaives, and axes.]

An Orc jumped out from behind the Palisade. He sported a clearly defined six pack and well-developed trapezius muscle.

This Phase was where most of the physically weaker hunters were eliminated and sent to the purgatory.

‘I remember this being really hard the first time.’

Recalling memories of the previous time he was in this Chapter, Sungjin could not help but laugh. This time around things will be different, he thought. Sungjin had already experienced countless battles before; something as simple as an Orc did not warrant a second thought.

“Uzak Rumrum”

The Orc shouted in an unknown language and charged towards Sungjin. He aimed for Sungjin’s head and swung his club. Sungjin avoided the blow by leaning back out of the strike zone.


Club hit nothing but air.


And landed on the ground. The Orc stiffened up slightly upon impact. Taking advantage of his opening, Sungjin cut the back of the Orc’s knee.


The Orc was forced to his knees, exposing his neck to Sungjin. Without mercy, Sungjin brought his blade down upon the Orc’s neck.

The Orc was beheaded in a single strike. Moments later, the Operator spoke.

[All Monsters Eliminated. Closing the Chapter.]

Sungjin raised his katana high and swung the sword, causing the blood on the katana to fall and paint a crimson tapestry on the forest floor.

Sungjin absentmindedly cleaned off his blade as he thought to himself while examining the head of the Orc.

‘Now that I think of it, the last Orc was bald.’

The Orc head in front of him sported long hair.

‘The Chapter itself is the same… but the monsters are a little different. I’m going to have to keep this in mind.’

Interrupting his thoughts, the Operator announced his reward.

Completion Reward: Stat Point 5
Kill Reward: Black Coin 5

Sungjin, once again, put all his stat points into Dexterity.

“All Stat points to Dexterity.”

[Dexterity rose by 5 points.]

“And I’m not…”

Sungjin stopped himself before finishing saying “buying anything” as before. The next enemy was a Troll, an adversary with an amazing regenerative ability.

In order to kill a Troll in spite of his regenerative ability, fire or acid was required. The Operator also suggested the same.

[You will require fire to fight the next enemy.]
[In the first Chapter, you will be able to purchase Items from the cube.]
[Please use the Black Coins you earned to purcha…]

Sungjin cut off the Operator and spoke over her.

“How much is the Salamander’s ash?”

[It is 6 Black Coins.]

Salamander’s ash is an item that gives fire enchant to a weapon upon use. The problem is that it is a consumable item that wears off over time.

It was an item necessary for new hunters to overcome the early Chapters, but for Sungjin who aimed for ‘All Clear’ and late game, it was an expense he was hesitant to make. Sungjin asked the Operator;

“How much is Moyzakui Flintstone?”

[It is 300 Black Coins.]

Unlike Salamander’s ash, Moyzakui Flintstone could repeatedly be used. However, it costs 300 Black Coins. He would need to complete two Chapters before he could earn that much.

Sungjin frowned and said to the operator:

“…Not buying.”

Third time. The Operator prepared the next phase immediately upon hearing Sungjin’s answer.

Phase 4 – Troll
Time limit: 3 minutes

A monster at least a head taller than an average man appeared from the palisade. When the Troll noticed Sungjin, it opened its jaws wide and roared.


From the force of its roar, long strings of mucus dripped down its jaw, clinging to its irregular and jagged teeth. Sungjin assumed his position and drew his katana. And for the first time since returning to the beginning, Sungjin checked the timer.

‘…3 Minutes’

(Translator’s notes)
Unnecessary Spikes – Reference to WoW Horde.


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  1. ok, going to assume that other monsters species are also going through the hunt, and that because he’s going MUCH faster than last time, the monster he gets is different because hes on a differeing ordering to fight enemy species.

  2. Interesting. Someone stated what I was thinking. Every species must go through the hunt. I wonder if purgatory is merely a holding ground of a species in stasis and then when they complete or lose completely they are put through it again as if they never knew anything by taking their stats, memories, and items away.

  3. I don’t know why he’s by that ‘ash’ thing. Even if the troll has regenerative powers, it’s not like it would be able to survive a decapitation.

    And even if he does, the MC can just cut all arms and legs. There should be a limit to how much someone can regenerate.

    I personally think that the MC is getting riled up for no reason against a mere troll.

  4. Three Minutes to kill a Troll. This is like a game on Hell mode for anyone new. There is NO WAY he passed this his first time through. At least make this beginning phase passable.

  5. Square-cube law says that humanoid half the size of human weights 2x2x2=8 times less than human
    If a typical goblin is only up to human knee (meaning 1/4 height of a human = should weight 4x4x4=64 times less than human) but weights only 1/4 of a human, then goblins (like isekai protagonists) are motherfucking dense creatures, – exactly 16 times denser than human.
    Imagine having bones and muscles of that density, it’s a fuckin’ monster which is absolitely not easy to kill ;0

  6. I love his attitude. Just started this book after catching up on mchhs and sungmin reminds me of him a lot which is nice

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