Chemistry Chapter 9 is out!

Hey everyone:) Here’s another chapter of Chemistry!

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Chapter 9 – A Certain Chemical Company’s Intern’s Day (7)

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6 thoughts on “Chemistry Chapter 9 is out!”

    1. They had said (in the official discord server) that there was gonna be a huge may release, then they said it would be beginning of june.. and now its the end of june and still nothing.

      1. In May we had said in our discord that there will be a surprise. It wasn’t related to Chemistry. Gamja and No1Oppa have been working on a project. The surprise was pushed to june and now to july as they want to make it perfect. We never said anything about mass release in May this is false. A reader might have told you that the surprise was related to Chemistry instead.

        Chemistry will resume. Explaining what had happened in the reply below

    2. Chemistry was first being translated by our ex translator Curry who translated the firs 6 chapters. He had his life priorities such as his job which is why he wasn’t able to translate and left. We recruited another translator for Chemistry and she after a few chapters didn’t like translation and focused on her school instead.

      Translation at the start seems fun but people tire out many times. Such was a case with the girl.

      Gamja who works on Master Hunter K translated Chapter 7, 8 and 9 ( we didnt release her chapters). But due to Master Hunter K and a surprise project he has been working on he hasn’t been able to translate Chemistry.

      Good news is Master Hunter K will soon end and Gamja will be translating Chemistry as his main project. Till then we will try to find someone capable enough to handle this novel. Sorry for the long wait. I think our mistake was leaving the fans of the novel without any updates on it. Sorry about it

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